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Elevate your experience on Renewable Heating Hub by joining our Premium Membership programme. Your subscription not only enhances your access to our platform but also plays a crucial role in supporting the operational costs and the continuous improvement of our services.

By becoming a premium member, you’re not only investing in the future of our site and enhancing your personal experience but also supporting our efforts to raise awareness about heat pumps and renewable heating. This contributes to increased adoption of heat pumps and aids in our collective fight against climate change.

As a token of appreciation, premium members are distinguished with an exclusive badge displayed next to their profile and posts on our forums. This badge signifies your support and grants you access to premium content (we have a lot in development), including specialised calculators (also coming soon) and an array of resources we are excited to unveil throughout the year.

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For a monthly contribution of just £5.50, you can become a pivotal part of our community. This subscription is flexible, allowing you to cancel anytime should your circumstances change. We encourage this commitment only if it aligns with your financial stability.

Please be mindful that we are unable to process refunds once a payment is completed. Your security is paramount, which is why all transactions are securely processed via Stripe, ensuring the highest standard of payment safety.

Note that the premium badge may take up to 24 hours to appear on your profile as we personalise your membership experience. We thank you for considering a premium membership and for your support in making Renewable Heating Hub a superior resource for all.

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