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Just me or is there a problem?

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I’ve noticed recently that the site is becoming increasingly slow to navigate.  To the point that today it’s painfully slow. This applies to PC and iPad. Is this just me or am I not alone in this?  

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Logged in for the first time for a few days and I’m not experiencing any problems. All seems to load normally. 

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The site is running OK for me too. There have been a few hosting issues where the site hasn't been accessible for a few minutes every now and again – this has been raised with the hosting company. But in terms of loading speed, I'm still running OK. Would be interested to hear if anyone else is experiencing a slow down.

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I have to say that the site these days is definitely very slow. Moving between pages tends to take in the region of ten seconds and a look using developer tools at the elements introducing delays shows there are some big hitters.


I hasten to add that I can be absolutely certain this has nothing to do with the performance of any of the equipment under my control. I'm currently using a horrendously overspecced PC connected to a 10Gbps network to the router and then a 1Gbps fibre connection to t'interweb. This is neither a latency nor a bandwidth problem.

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@majordennisbloodnok I have been noticing very sluggish performance lately, even logging on can take an age - slick is not the adjective at present I’m afraid. Regards, Toodles.

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