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11.2kW Ecodan in 182sqm property

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Posted by: @morgan
Posted by: @markc

Have you got meters installed that monitor usage and delivery? 
Known as MMSP Metering and Monitoring Service Package. Or access to the MelCloud app?


Hi Mark.  I don't have MMSP but I do have access to MELCloud.  Although that tells me I need a firmware update but won't update for some obscure reason. Also I understand the data from MELCloud isn't at all accurate.  For example the shown set temp' is 24C which is correct but it shows the actual room temp' as that or very close also which is inaccurate. The temp is set at 24C to keep the setting for weather comp' curve but the room temp is a comfortable 21/22C.   It makes me wonder if the other readings are accurate.

Without MMSP I'm not sure how accurate the app will be. Yes the control area is pretty useless I agree. The MelCloud app is mainly useful for generating energy usage reports. I find it easier to use if you access it via a desktop computer/browser.

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the room temp is just the temperature where the wired in controller is located, unless you have a Mitsubishi wireless one or a remote temp sensor.  Mine is in the airing cupboad and says 25C or so.  

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I have a Mitsubishi one but awaiting the Mitsubishi wireless receiver part to be delivered so I can get that installed.  For the moment it’s a Heatmiser Neostat Air.

Retrofitted 11.2kw Mitsubishi Ecodan to new radiators commissioned November 2021.


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