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Eskimo Column Radiator – Fronze Finish

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Radiators are often seen as a necessary evil, especially for those without the luxury of underfloor heating. They take up valuable wall space, complicate decorating efforts, and tend to discolour over time. Typically, we either install or inherit them in our homes primarily for warmth. However, in one room – the kitchen – the approach to radiators can be quite different, often favouring designer options.

In our kitchen, we had a tall, sleek chrome radiator situated between the integrated fridge-freezer and the kitchen door. It was a gas radiator, deliberately chosen with a slightly lower capacity to avoid overheating the kitchen and straining the appliances.

During our heat pump survey, Abacus Energy Solutions advised us to replace this radiator, but we disregarded their recommendation. That turned out to be a mistake, as we ended up with a cold kitchen. The radiator's output was inadequate, and it took a long time to warm up even slightly.

Thus began our search for a suitable replacement, guided by specific criteria: a radiator measuring 1.8 meters in height and 330 mm in width, compatible with the existing pipework, and with sufficient output to maintain a comfortable temperature in the kitchen. Our research led us to Eskimo Design in Bristol. Their responsive customer service and expertise in heat pump-friendly aluminium radiators impressed us, and we ordered from their Column range.

However, finding a plumber to install it proved more challenging than finding a good heat pump installer. The mention of a heat pump seemed to deter many plumbers. Eventually, we found a recommended plumber who was initially hesitant about working with a heat pump system. I had to guide him through isolating the outdoor unit, locating the drain down point, and even coordinating with my installer for the refilling process using Thermablend glycol.

The installation went smoothly, and the radiator's Fronze finish enhances our kitchen's aesthetic. Most importantly, its aluminium construction allows for quick heating. The thermostatic valves we added are particularly effective, especially when cooking a Sunday lunch raises the room temperature.

In the end, everything worked out well. Eskimo, for anyone that's interested, is a UK-based company, with their headquarters in Bristol and manufacturing in Birmingham. Their direct delivery service using their own driver (not a courier) ensured that the radiator arrived well-packed and in excellent condition. It came with a variety of wall fittings, providing multiple mounting options.

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Thanks for the review Anthony. I've not come across Eskimo as a brand and I have to say they look sleek and really match the aesthetics of your kitchen.

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@hibbsy it would be useful for this review if you could also show what water temperatures you run the heatpump at, the heat output of the radiator at that temperature, and the size of the room and its heat loss.

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