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[Sticky] Review your electricity provider

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A year ago, very few people took notice of their electricity providers. With tariffs rising and the UK speeding towards electrification we're all going to have to be strategic in our choices going forward. With this in mind, we'd like homeowners and consumers to review and share their opinions about their providers:

We've started off with the following providers, but we'll be adding more. If you have a provider you'd like us to add, simply leave a reply below.

UK electricity provider review:

E.ON Next review:

Octopus Energy review:

OVO Energy review:


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Octopus Energy: 5 Stars for Tariff Variety, 4 Stars for Price, 5+ Stars Customer Service & Support, 5 Stars for Billing, 5 Stars for Online Portal & App, and ‘Yes’ I would definitely recommend them to anyone.

I doubt that I could add any previously undocumented praise for Octopus Energy, they have been so much better for our needs than our previous providers Eon and before that N-Power. I like the company ethos and their genuine approach to fairness to customers - despite many pressures from government policies and the current situation with Russia and Ukraine. I have found them to be very obliging and helpful over my numerous questions and queries when I wished to transfer my energy needs to them from Eon. Eon were not very helpful over updating my SMETS1 meter installed by N-Power, even though it failed to report consumption to them and as a result of this, I received many estimated readings. Octopus stressed the need to consider my decision and then consider again before I applied to transfer to them ‘Due to the volatile situation we are experiencing’; This was in May and June 2022 when I was approaching the end of a fixed tariff with Eon. When I made the decision to transfer to Octopus, I knew I would see a substantial hike in the energy tariffs but still wanted to transfer - and am very glad I did. Of course I was on a fixed tariff initially but once they had established they could get half hourly readings from our electricity meter, I applied and transferred to the Agile tariff and … as we have 8.1 kWp. Of solar PV production, applied for Agile Outgoing as well. We have found that these schemes have worked very well for us and, as we had our Tesla Powerwall installed (took 9 months to be delivered) in November are now able to make the most of off peak energy - helps us - helps the grid! There is one thing I would like to hear about and that is an interface for the Powerwall app to enable me to program the varying Agile ‘download’ times to charge the Powerwall. Regards, Toodles.

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