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RE: New Fogstar 15.5kWh upright solution

Yes, its on 21C 24/7 from end Sept until start of May. Obviously it only runs when there is a need to heat the water in the tank that feeds the Rads. ...

1 month ago
RE: New Fogstar 15.5kWh upright solution

@misterb thanks for your valuable advice, I appreciate it. I already have an 8.2kWh battery with 3kW AC connected inverter charged form solar and che...

1 month ago
RE: ASHP Cut-off Temperatures: What's Your Setting and is a Your Heating Still On?

Not seen a setting on our ASHP for auto cut-off temp. I normally turn it off manually for heating (not DHW) at the start of May and back on again at e...

1 month ago
Considering installing this new Fogstar 15.5kWh upright solution

Hi there to all those on this forum thread. I'm currently thinking about getting a Fogstar 15.5kWh battery solution and doing a DIY install. I've alr...

1 month ago

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