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Pre-install Air Source System question.

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We have just been approved to have our oil fired CH changed to Air Source. 
I am confused as to how the radiator part will work. 
it won’t have Smart TRV’s. The guy who inspected our house said “you just turn up and down the rad valves and they get hotter”. But, how does the system know? Is the pump on constantly and a temperature sensor works out in & out temps?

I have used tado for years and would ultimately get our new system ‘smart’. Maybe that’s another subject?



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Hi @essgeesee

Welcome to the forum. Heat pumps work best without zoning or TRV's turning radiators on and off regularly. The way a lot of us use ours is to set up a weather compensation curve and then just set the standard radiator valves so that each room is the correct temperature.

If you havent come across weather compensation before it just means that as the outside temperature becomes colder, the water flow temperature in the radiators becomes hotter. Once set up this produces a constant temperature in the room whatever the outside is doing and there is no need to turn a radiator on and off like a traditional boiler would do.

Hope that helps

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@bontwoody - Resources for ‘weather compensation’, please?

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@essgeesee here you go:

Written by @allyfish

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