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Auxiliary Heating

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Do heat pumps have auxiliary heating, for example a separate in built heater to heat the home direct?

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Some do, some don't, some can control any external auxiliary heating through a relay.

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My Grant has an auxiliary output contact, which is used to control a separate 3kW immersion heater via a relay. It's a back-up heater, supplementary heater, or defrost assist, dependent on how you configure it. Direct electric is power hungry, so I have it disabled. In the depths of winter 3kW into a 22radiator system isn't doing anything as a back-up or supplementary heat source, so we would light the log burner!

It could be used to power a larger fired heater source, but you need to be very careful with flow and return temperatures in that case especially if the ASHP unit is in circuit. Most hybrid systems work as either a ASHP or fired boiler, dependent on ambient temperature and which is most economical to run, but not a combination of both.



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