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The AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater is a panel heater designed for residential use that utilises a combination of infrared and convection heating. This heater offers smart home integration and a sleek design, making it an attractive option for most homes. Let's dive into the technical specifications of the AENO heater to understand its functionality and potential benefits, or you can watch our video review.

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The AENO heater employs a dual heating approach:

  • Infrared Heating: This primary heating method utilises infrared radiation to directly heat objects and people within its range. Similar to the sun's warmth, infrared waves are absorbed by objects, causing their temperature to rise. This targeted heating provides a more natural feeling of warmth compared to traditional convection heaters.
  • Convection Heating: The AENO heater also incorporates a secondary convection heating element. This element heats the air within the unit, which then rises and circulates throughout the room. While not the primary heating source, convection helps distribute the warmth more evenly and maintain a comfortable ambient temperature.

Technical Specifications

Here's a breakdown of the key technical specifications of the AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater:

  • Heating Method: Infrared + Convection
  • Material: Tempered Glass Front Panel
  • Maximum Power Consumption: 700W+ (exact wattage not specified)
  • Voltage: 220–240 V, 50 Hz
  • Adjustable Panel Temperature: 60 °C – 120 °C (140 °F – 248 °F)
  • Dimensions: 365 mm (W) x 1000 mm (H) x 11 mm (D) (14.4" x 39.4" x 0.4")
  • Weight: 8.9 kg (19.6 lbs)
  • Smart Features: Wi-Fi connectivity (2.4 GHz only) for mobile app control (AENO App)
  • Safety Features:

    • Gyroscope for tip-over detection and automatic shut-off
    • Roll-over sensor for automatic shut-off if the unit falls
    • Overheating protection

Functional Benefits and Considerations

Based on the provided specifications, here's an analysis of the AENO heater's potential benefits and considerations:


  • Targeted Heating: Infrared radiation provides a more direct and efficient way to heat people and objects, potentially reducing wasted energy compared to convection-only heaters.
  • Zoning Potential: Due to its targeted heating nature, the AENO heater could be suitable for zone heating specific areas within a home, further enhancing efficiency. This approach works really well if you have rooms that are struggling to come to temperature.
  • Silent Operation: The absence of fans eliminates noise generation, making it ideal for bedrooms or quiet areas.
  • Eco-friendly Potential: Infrared heating is generally considered an eco-friendly option as it boasts higher efficiency compared to traditional methods. However, overall environmental impact depends on the source of electricity used to power the heater.
  • Smart Home Integration: Wi-Fi connectivity allows for remote control and scheduling through the AENO mobile app, increasing user convenience.


  • Limited Heating Range: Infrared heating is most effective for objects and people within its direct line of sight. Heating larger spaces or areas with high ceilings may require additional units or a combination with a primary heating system.
  • Surface Temperature: The AENO heater's panel can reach temperatures up to 120°C (248°F). While the tempered glass is designed for safety, caution is advised around children and pets to avoid accidental burns.
  • Room Insulation: The effectiveness of the AENO heater, like any heater, is highly dependent on the level of insulation in the room. Drafty rooms will require more energy to maintain a comfortable temperature.

The AENO Premium Eco Smart Heater presents a unique combination of infrared and convection heating. While further investigation into the exact wattage and overall energy efficiency would be beneficial, the heater offers potential advantages like targeted heating, silent operation, and smart home integration. However, users should consider limitations such as heating range, surface temperature, and the importance of proper home insulation to maximise the effectiveness of this heater.

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