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Controller experiment - looking for volunteer(s)

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Hello all,

I’m new to the forum, but have been monitoring from the sidelines for a while now. Excited to have made my first contributions in the past days!

After speaking to some of you, and reading all the discussions on ensuring heat pumps run efficiently, fine-tuning the weather comp curve, the shortcomings of 3rd party controllers, etc., a friend and I decided to play around with a more intelligent controller. My friend built something similar for boilers before (modulating as well, not on/off!), and we're now adjusting it for heat pumps. The algorithms use dynamic weather comp, setbacks (if desired), weather forecast, expected solar gains, and works with variable tariffs. Simulations show an attractive cost saving potential.

However, we have not tested it on a real heat pump as we (unfortunately) both live in flats that we rent with boiler heating. We were hoping one of the expert enthusiasts on this forum would be keen to help us out, and would be curious enough to let us test the algorithms on their heat pump. The test consists of 3 steps: Connecting to the heat pump, monitoring / reading what the heat pump is doing, and finally controlling the heat pump if steps 1 and 2 are successful. The only hardware needed (provided by us) is a wireless temperature node, positioned in the room of your choice.

We’re looking for people with a Wifi enabled heat pump from one of the following brands: Daikin, Mitsubishi, Nibe, LG, or Viessmann. We would prefer to run this initial test on a “straightforward” system setup meaning no zoning, either rads or UFH (not both), no low loss header or buffer, however some complexity can be worked around.
If you’re interested or curious, or if you have any questions, feel free to comment below or send me a DM!

PS: I checked with Mars before posting this to make sure I adhere to the forum rules.

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Welcome to the forums @hcas - for reference, is your gadget going to be similar to what Homely does?

Can you also explain how easy it will be to connect to one of the heat pump brands you’ve mentioned?

And does it have a name yet?

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@editor Morning Mars!

Indeed, somewhat similar to Homely.

With regards to connecting to the heat pump, the goal is to make it very simple. This means no hardware required, therefore no installation required. The only thing would be 1 wireless temperature node, but we could also use the existing temperature sensor of a thermostat if present already. 

It does not have a name yet. It's not a commercial product, just 2 guys trying to improve the status quo at the moment! 

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