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Any recommended ASHP in the South West?

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Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for an ASHP installer in the South West (Newton Abbot area)? The property is an early 70's bungalow that will be brought up to (broadly, where it makes economic sense) Enerphit standards. 

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Have you searched on Heat Geek's website?

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I wouldn’t discount installers further afield. Some are used to traveling, and it might be better if they stay in a pub one night which won’t be a massive addition to the bill. 

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Would anyone happen to have any recommendations for an ASHP installer in the South West

Good installers are hard to come by in the South West.

By reputation I could suggest one based at Okehampton, and other in the Tamar Valley near Tavistock.
But you'll realise that there's a large slab of granite between those locations and Newton Abbot.
To gain the attention of either installer you'd have to be making a fair offer for a 2-hour round trip each day.

I suspect there's someone closer to you at Totnes or Torbay.
But you need to ask around for recommendations.

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