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RE: Solar Thermal as a pre-heater for a heat-pump

I am currently doing a project where the ST is directly plumbed into the return piping to the ASHP via a close coupled tee. The ASHP does DHW and UFH,...

11 months ago
RE: Solar thermal with combi boiler

It is for DHW. I am using a 160l thermal store with a DHW coil at the moment it is heated with excess PV, and also used as a buffer for CH, so is alwa...

1 year ago
RE: Solar thermal with combi boiler

There is no issue doing that, I have a similar setup. To get best efficiency you need to divert water past the combi when it's hot enough to go direct...

1 year ago
RE: Air source heat pump roll call

Handle: johnmo Maxa i-32V5 6kW Type: ASHP Arrangement: 2 zones UFH, only one zone can call for heat, one zone in house other zone in garden pod....

1 year ago
RE: Say hello and introduce yourself

Hi, new to the heat pump world, have the heat pump and most the bits, just got to get it installed, will wait for the weather to improve just in case ...

1 year ago

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