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Viessmann Vitocal 250-A in the UK

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Hi all,

I was looking the some of the most efficient heat pumps, and I see that Viesmann do not have Vitocal 250-A for sale in the UK. They only have the 150-A available for sale in the UK but it has a lower scop of 4.7~ whereas the 250-A has a SCOP of 5.3 (10Kw version) at A7/W35

Is there any other air source heat pumps available in the UK that would match this performance?

Am I being irrational in thinking that I could import this heat pump from EU and have it installed in the UK? If I can find an installer that's willing to install it?



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For reference, I have a 10 kWh Viessmann 151-A installed almost exactly 1 year and am getting a SCOP of 4.7. Would be really interested to see how you would fare with a 250-A. Good luck with your search.

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We have a 10Kw Viessmann 200A it SCOP is currently 5.2, this has increased over the last 12 months from 4.7 by tuning the system to our property. The design of all heat pumps are very similar, so results should also be similar, the differences will come from the installation and insulation making every property different.

Cheers Mike



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