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Observations on my Ecodan's estimates of energy consumed and delivered

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Posted by: @derek-m

According to the wiring diagram for the cylinder unit, the power supply for all of the four water pumps is from one of the circuit boards, but since actual power consumption values can be added within the controller, it would appear that these are not being included within the power measurement system, which seems rather strange.

As it is possible for the FTC to be powered from a separate circuit, should this be the case none of its power draw, including the pumps, will be measured at the outdoor unit. It is also possible just the circulation pumps may be powered separately (UFH setups I believe). So the only way for the EcoDan to account for the power used by the pumps in either of these situations is to have a value to refer to in the settings for the periods when they are on. But the default settings assume power is delivered, and therefore measured, via the outdoor unit and so the default values are 0 (except for pump 4, for some reason).

I’ve posted before on my observations about the electrical consumption reported by my EcoDan –  it is up to 3kWh per day in excess of the metered values, but that variation is spread fairly evenly across the range 0.2–3kWh, so is not a fixed value added in. And though there is a fairly loose correlation with the discrepancy tending to be higher when the actual consumption is higher, it nowhere near correlates to being a percentage of that consumption.

It is more a background random, persistent, inconsistency.


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