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Midea "ECO Mode" - an oxymoron

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Does anyone have any docs on what the purpose of ECO Mode is on Midea heat pumps? One would assume it mean "economical" or perhaps "ecological", however as far as I can see, it is neither.

Consider the following:

Screenshot 2023 04 15 at 22.56.29

 With ECO Mode on, Weather Compensation is disabled, the flow temperature is set to 1°C above what the non-compensating flow temperature is, the energy consumed goes through the roof, and the heat output is not really any higher than it was with ECO Mode off!

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ECO Mode is only of use when using the pre-programmed Weather Compensation curves as described from page 104 onwards in the detailed Midea data.

When ECO Mode is selected, it changes the controller from curve 4 to curve 6, which lowers the specified LWT.

If you are using curve 9, which can be adjusted by the user to match the home's heat loss, then switching to ECO Mode could actually increase the specified LWT.


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