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Electricity use for heat pumps - comparing homes and consumption

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Posted by: @mike-patrick

Many of the above , in my dreams.

2023,  June 479, Nov 1,120, Dec 1,359, Jan 2024 1,491

These are total kWh per month from which you can subtract 8-10kWh per day for non-ASHP use - say 300kWh per month.

100% electric home. 10KW Grant Aerona, 3 bed detached (150 sqm), mixture of cavity wall insulated new build and internally insulated original stone, double glazed, UFH no radiators. 20c heating. ASHP left on same settings 24/7. UFH off during summer months, 2 occupiers.

How old's your home?

2023 Nov 608, Dec 690; 2024 Jan 886, Feb 564

100% electric 1990ish home, 8.5kW Mitsubishi Ecodan, 4 bed semi (128 m² IIRC), injected cavity wall insulation, double glazed, all radiators, 20c heating (give or take a degree), ASHP set back to 18c overnight, heating does its own thing so rarely on in summer, 2 occupiers.


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242sqm new build, house 21/22. Nov Dec 2023 approx 1400kwh. Near 40% less then my first winter thanks to suggestions here, I'm setting back overnight as house retains heat well. All ufh using fixed flow temp.

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I have now posted the % comparison between measured energy consumption and the estimates provided by my Ecodan. Upthread I'd said that I would do this but you would be forgiven if you'd lost patience during the long time since!


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