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[Sticky] Renewables & Heat Pumps in the News

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Posted by: @gunboatdiplomat

I got a quote via the Heat Geek upgrades scheme, the guarantee was a factor in doing that vs just contacting an installer off the heat geek map. 

Was it eye-watering? 🫣 

I emailed a 'local independent installer' this morning but even if they have capacity I'm fairly sure I won't be able to afford them. But I feel feeble limiting myself to BG & Octopus. 

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@editor, @lucia my proposal was approx £7300 after the BUS including a 7kW Vaillant heat pump, 180L slimline cylinder, 8 radiator changes and some adjustments to the pipework.

The desktop price was £7700ish and came down after the survey as I needed fewer rad changes. 

For comparison octopus were £5800 (6 rad changes, 50C flow temp) and two other quotes were £7200 (ideal heat pump, no rad changes, 50C flow temp) and "about £6000 excl radiators" (ecodan, didn't get a full survey done as they were adamant they'd need a LLH).

So via heat geek where more expensive but not 10k more expensive than comparable quotes. Of all the quotes I was most happy with the heat geek - had a lot more confidence they knew what they were doing.

I do feel all the quotes were overpriced for the work, especially as it's all without VAT and is a big factor in not going ahead at this time. 

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@gunboatdiplomat thank you for this. It really helps to see what other people are quoted. 

My Octopus quote (which is supposed to be fixed) is £3,036 that was issued before the survey. 

So far I'm really impressed with the installation team but I think the 'suggested' 4kw Daikin is both too small and is not very efficient when it comes to modulation.

They've offered 2 tiny rad changes to K2s and want to leave my 2 big and very old type 11s and a small Type 21 and another type 11 in the kitchen that hasn't worked for years ("oh it's probably only a valve...") I don't need any pipe adjustments - I'm a super easy install. 

I have to supply my own 2 panel designer radiator for the bathroom (I don't mind - I don't want some bog standard white clunky K2). 

But..... that's only a verbal, they haven't had the design meeting yet and thus I haven't had a written heat loss report and spec. I'm hoping they take on board my comments and at least up the pump to the 6kw & preferably improve on the rads. 

The mad thing is I have a big collection of thermal images that show how useless my (very old) cavity wall insulation is in places and the heat loss survey ignored them. It's very tick box. 


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So £7500 grant plus £3k so £10.5k for a £2000 heat pump, bits of pipe and insulation, a £1000 cylinder, and couple of £100 radiators and installation, sounds a bargain. Not.

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