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Givenergy "All in one" vs Tesla Powerwall

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Givenergy "All in one" inverter & battery is likely to be released around end May - similar to Tesla Powerwall afaik

13.5kwh battery
6kw nominal AC output
7.2kw peak power

with additional Gateway to provide whole house backup/eps and 18.4kw nominal AC power

I believe multiple AIO units can be installed to give greater storage (but cannot be mixed with standard batteries)

any views on differences/comparison to Powerwall?

pricing awaited but I suspect will be around 25% less than Tesla?

I have a new installation to make later this year so will be keen to look at all options!



Listed Grade 2 building with large modern extension.
LG Therma V 16kw ASHP
Underfloor heating + Rads
8kw pv solar
3 x 8.2kw GivEnergy batteries
1 x GivEnergy Gen1 hybrid 5.0kw inverter
Manual changeover EPS

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What can you tell from a data sheet?

One difference I can see is 5 year warranty vs powerwall 10 year.

Good to see new developments hitting the market.

Our experiences with solar pv, ASHP, battery, and EV:

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