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Smart meter installation – seamless or a potential nightmare?

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Posted by: @transparent

Have I understood that correctly?

Yes, I think so.

To be fair, I had downloaded my half-hourly data from n3rgy rather than my supplier's portal, but I have just done so now and for the February-March billing period the gas volume figures are identical. Using any of the 3 calorific value data sets I am unable to arrive at the same figures.  Other potential known unknowns are the resolution of my supplier's various calculations and any rounding errors. These shouldn't account for the best part of half a percent difference, though.

I can't complain, though.  Being on a tracker tariff, I'm already paying significantly less than the standard rate for my gas. As I said above, I am keeping a close watch on my energy consumption as I plan to transition to an ASHP - which I can't just justify on cost grounds alone at present 🙄 


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