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Simple CT-clamp monitor which is battery-powered or plugs in to 13A socket for ASHP monitoring

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Hi all. I have a potentially silly question :). I've had a Daikin ASHP since 2009 but I've never known how much energy it uses. I would therefore like to get a CT-clamp based monitor to attach to its power cable (assuming I can find the right cable!). I'd like to start simple so ideally I want one that:

  • Records daily / weekly usage - as long as I can look at a screen, look at the numbers and update a spreadsheet that's fine
  • Doesn't need to be wired into the consumer unit, just a simple battery powered unit, or one with a simple 13A plug

In other words, while the multi-device consumer unit monitors from Shelly or Sue look great, I can't install them because I'm not an electrician. 

I am struggling to find anything that fits the bill - do such devices exist?

Many thanks in advance for your help!




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