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RE: Do you think that installing an air source heat pump has increased the value of your property?

Providing one can show it works well and heats the house at a reasonable cost. Yes it will increase the value of the house and in my case the running...

1 month ago
RE: Volumiser placement in Vaillant Arotherm + system?

@rob-k You’re very welcome and it’s really good to know it’s all working well. Just shows that when heat pumps are installed correctly they do work...

5 months ago
RE: Volumiser placement in Vaillant Arotherm + system?

@rob-k I know it’s a while ago, but Derek is right all is piped as he say, and is OK. A bit of insulation on the pipes wouldn’t go amiss though.

5 months ago
RE: Say hello and introduce yourself

Hi everyone, my wife and I live in a ten year old new build. We are slowly trying to move away from gas and decided to have a solar system and Powerwa...

6 months ago
RE: Rule change re ASHP

@derek-m What absolute nonsense, modern heatpump a quieter that a gas or oil boiler flue. As for the ones that are noisy that’s due to a lack of maint...

7 months ago
RE: Octopus Cosy 6 launched

Gas boilers can be run at up to 80°c but that doesn’t mean one has to run the heating at that temperature. The Cosy 6 may well reduce the COP when run...

9 months ago

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