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RE: DIY ASHP on Search Engines

@editor Thanks Mars, very interesting. So on track for 10k views this year, beats any of my Facebook posts 😀

1 year ago
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RE: Can I Install My Own ASHP?

Yes you can do DIY, I did it fine and enjoy telling people my ASHP cost less than £3k. As above, only consider mono blocks, which are basically frid...

2 years ago
RE: Share your electricity bills

Hmm, Mars - "2.39 MWh ... this December it would have cost us a staggering £526." Think I'll check my figures: 300m2 Chalet Bungalow, 12kW ASHP, 3...

3 years ago
RE: DIY Heat Pump controller (driver)

Great job, really interesting to see what's involved in controlling a heat pump and good to know I have another option if my cheap Chinese ASHP electr...

3 years ago
RE: Who's your electricity provider and what's your tariff?

Hmm, my current fixed rate is coming to an end, looks like I'm looking at a 27% price increase. Here are my figures: Usage Day 6500 / Night 12500...

3 years ago
RE: Are air source heat pumps overpriced in the UK?

Yep, looks like I had a similar experience to Derek M. I had an 8 way UFH manifold running fine with an electric boiler, apart from the cost. Saw that...

3 years ago
3 years ago
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