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Standby mode Mitsuibushi Ecodan

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Hello everyone on this forum

I'm looking for some advice Please.

I have a Mitsuibushi ecodan ASHP  

Must admit I don't fully understand the system 

Could anyone please advise if the Standby mode on the control panel  should be present or can this be switched off.

I've only noted the Square Grid type symbol on the control panel recently.

Currently I have the system setting on the thermostat at 20 degrees C.

The mitsuibushi ecodan ASHP heating system I had installed replaced an old oil heating system.

I live in a 1939 semi detached house and have insulated the floors, roof, walls the best I can.

I don't find the ASHP effective as my house is draughty

Thank you for any advice 

Yours faithfully 








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Hi I have an ecodan too and controlled by FTC5, I don't think you can turn standby off, I think it means it's just waiting for something to start like calling for heat or heating up water DHW. This changes to the operating or play button when it's actually doing something like heating.

It's on page 34 of operational manual all symbols are explained.

Hope that helps.

When we moved to this house I found the whole system very confusing, its just not very intuitive, I've learnt loads by trial and error and the forum has really helped. 

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"I've only noted the Square Grid type symbol on the control panel recently."

Can you post a picture?

Retrofitted 11.2kw Mitsubishi Ecodan to new radiators commissioned November 2021.



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