28 September 2021
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Finally got two quotes

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Finally heard back from a second GSHP installer to see if installation would even be an option for us. Worth noting that neither have visited yet and just doing the estimate from floor plans and initial questions.

First one was for a 5-22kW GSHP with 800m of pipe and all the groundwork for just over £30k

Second was for a 22kW GSHP with 1200m of pipe and all the groundwork (EXCLUDING the trenching) for just over £47k

If I remember right both said we should get back round £30k from the RHI over 7 years.


Such a massive difference in price makes me wonder if one doesn't know what they are doing or the other just doesn't want our business...

I guess I need to find a third company to see if they can be bothered to give us a quote... 🙄 


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