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Praise where Praise is due: Homely

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On Saturday morning, our Homely heat pump controller ‘threw a wobbly’ and the house temperature was steadily rising; at the point where it was 2 degrees C above programmed, I switched off the PSU’s to the Homely and the D-Comm units. I then emailed EvergreenEnergy’s Business Development Manager thinking that he would read and action on Monday morning but… Within minutes Paul Williams emailed me and said he would get the ‘lads’ onto it now - which he did. I turned the equipment back on and equilibrium was restored albeit with a very cosy home! We are not sure if it was the ‘Switch off and on again’ as per failed computers instructions but nevertheless, the lads carried out a thorough check of the whole caboodle after I had switched back on. Over the week end, the Homely programming underwent some ‘fundamental tidying up on the backend coding’ and all is working fine again. I had numerous emails from Paul on the Saturday checking how things were with me and again, first thing Monday morning telling me what they had done. I am very grateful to the Homely team and hope I didn’t mess up Paul’s week end. Regards, Toodles.

Toodles, 76 years young and hoping to see 100 and make some ROI on my renewable energy investment!

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That's terrific service and super pleased that they dealt with your situation so efficiently. Definite gold star for Paul Williams.

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All they need to do now is manufacture a proper in home display/control unit, instead of forcing people to use an app…..


or here’s an idea, just bang an opentherm interface onto their hardware so that they can read the requested room temperature from the finest smart thermostat known to mankind, the Nest….

simply wonderful design and engineering.

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