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New Scottish Building Heat Standard

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From April 2024 all new domestic buildings in Scotland must have heating that is not direct emission or polluting fossil fuel. This also applies to any existing domestic building  which is converted after April 2024.  There are a number of caveats where the applicant can cite circumstances which require an emergency backup fossil fuel appliance but otherwise it is clean heat only.

Is this a useful step towards zero carbon which should be applied more widely or is it too much too early?  Discuss!


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From what I have read it is a start, the issue is more political, in that anything appearing green is seen as evil by the tories and similar.  Added to that, the restrictions on wood burning stoves seems a bit too strict for the highlands, you can make a decent case towards allowing them in new builts in the north, but that issue is being used as a wedge by those who don't like environmental legislation.



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