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Issue with Samsung A2W Heat Pump - Water Outlet Temperature

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Dear Community

I'd like to kindly ask for help with an issue with a Samsung Heat Pump.
Model:  AE090RXEDEG/EU (9kW)
In general - The issue is that the Water Outlet does not reach the set target temperatures - but only for Floor Heating. It works correctly for DHW.
It seems like the Outlet Water - for some unknown reason - can't overreach 35°C. In maximum, the unit maintains temperature between 34.0°C - 34.9°C
I use the "Auto" regime, which is regulated by Water Law. 
Outlet water temperature is NOT regulated by indoor temperature.
These are my Water Law settings:
201* | Outdoor Temp for Water Law (Heat)
Low: 15°C     High: -15 °C
202* | Water Out Temp for WL1 Heat (WL1-Floor)
Low: Target Value: 35°C     High: Target Value: 50°C

Today - It was 0.4°C outdoors, but the Water Output Temperature was regulated to 34°C. Based on the Water Law configuration, it should start at 35°C.

I also tried to manually enforce the temperature by switching to Heat (manual) mode.
I've set 40°C with a purpose to test.
Again - the Water Outlet reached 34.5°C at maximum.

I assume there is some setting that prevents the unit from allowing more than 35°C for Floor heating.

Once again - DHW works well. When the unit operates in the "Water Tank" regime, heating the domestic water, the Water Outlet is usually around 50°C. Therefore I'm sure there's no physical or performance issue of the system.
I also need to mention that
- the unit was NOT running based on the "Demand" regime.
- only floor heating, no radiators, no FCUs,
- 2 manifolds, 17 circuits
- the unit feeds 300L tank / buffer vessel
- Indoor unit PHE IN: 28 C; Indoor Unit PHE OUT: 34 C
- Flow rate: ~20 lpm
- Quiet mode is disabled
- DHW mode is set to Eco
Any advice will be much appreciated.
Many thanks in advance
Kind regards

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I do not have a Samsung so I'm just speculating until someone more useful comes along.

Just using the numbers you've provided it seems like you're getting 8.4kW from the unit (DT * flow rate * SHC). I wonder if the flow temp won't go any higher because you're right at the limit of the unit's power. Samsungs have external pumps, right? Is that set to full power or is it controlled by the heat pump via PWM? I would have thought in any case that higher flow rate and lower temps is better for efficiency reasons anyway. 

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