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Heat wave 2022 & the case for A2A ASHPs

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Derek M
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I installed an A2A Heat Pump which is used predominantly for heating and very occasional cooling. As far as I am concerned it meets the criteria for permitted development as a ASHP, which does not require planning permission. Where you probably would have problems is if you have multiple A2A and A2W heat pumps on the same property.

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Posted by: @batalto

@ronin92 I've got 5 separate AC units and a heat pump - no issues

3 here, nothing to worry about in my area.

Instead of the, "oh no, can't do", check to see, (you probably don't) if you need it. Just a quick call to planning.

If no, get on with it - if yes, stick an application in and see what happens.

Be positive and positive things happen!


Jeff liked
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I live in a conservation area. No permitted development rights here. 

A fairly simple process to get things approved. It is not difficult for us. 

Basically boils down to not altering the street scene, although i do need to get permission for even things like putting a shed in my back garden or moving a shed or taking down a shed for example. Some things we won't attempt as we know we would never get permission. 

It specifically mentions getting permission for air conditioning for example but i suspect that is mostly about positioning. 

In our area we know it's worth checking and getting things in writing as local solicitors ask when properties change hands.

Not a big deal, just something we need to do. Always best to use local builders here who don't get caught out. I saw a house extension knocked down a few months ago for falling foul of the street scene rules, but that is very rare. 

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