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Installation Assurance Authority Federation

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An interesting development. The IAA Federation (The IAAF) is a new representative body for SMEs across the energy efficiency, renewable energy and low carbon heating sectors.

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This ought to make a great deal of sense - one body representing all the installers. That would mean the "one voice" of the customer from the MCS could talk with the "one voice" of the suppliers and ensure a balanced discussion between the two sides.

That, of course, relies on the MCS truly representing the customers' interests and sadly that has been proven to be an optimistic assumption at best. I worry that with one body representing the installers interacting with one body not necessarily enforcing installation standards we'll end up with a very considerable weighting that's not in the customer's favour. The answer, of course, is not to stand in the way of the IAAF but to grab the MCS by the short and curlies and hold it to account more rigorously. In my opinion, naturally.

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