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New hot water cylinder future proofed for heat pump?

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Hi Forums

I plan to change an old hotwater cylinder now, for a modern un-vented one, with immersion heater I can use with an Eddie and my PV system.

I currently have a reasonably new mains gas system boiler for heating and hotwater.

I plan in next few years to extend and insulate house and hope to fit ASHP at that time when property requirements are known.

Will a cylinder advertised as made to work with ASHP, work with current gas boiler? I assume it will make no difference to cylinder operation if boiler flow temp is set lower, but a plumber I talked to said they where all incompatible...


Help much appreciated

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Hi, @Pen-y-Bryn I had exactly the same situation as you and went for a Mixergy Unvented cylinder. It has a conventional heating coil and immersion heater but also has ports to add a heat exchanger for a future heat pump.

In the end I bit the bullet and took out the gas combi and fitted an ASHP before fitting the cylinder, but my original plan was to do as you are considering. I have plumbed things so I can add the heat exchanger but at present just heat my water via an Eddi. I thought I would monitor things to see if it was worth adding the exchanger.

All th details are in my blog, the address is in my signature.

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