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Hi all,

After you all helpfully pooh-poohed my idea of a high temperature heat pump (and I'm glad you did as I continue to see horrendous tales all over on heat pumps in general!), I've been looking around at other options.

As I sat today with our existing wood stove pouring out masses of heat and the lounge slowly melted from the few logs I'd put on it, I thought the answer could be burning me in the face.... 😆 

So I'm now looking at the idea of a stove boiler and would be interested in general thoughts!

1) how easy are they to retrofit? Can you attach them to any part of the radiator system or does it need to be plumbed to certain spots?

2) which are the best brands? We've currently got an insert style stove, so ideally would got with something similar

Any thoughts/advice most welcome!


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