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Fabric wood pellet silo query

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Hi, new user here, so please be gentle. I have a question regarding fabric silos. I have a storage room for pellets that is only 2.1m high; I am led to believe that fabric silos inflate when pellets are being delivered, and a model that I'm considering purchasing second hand is shown as 2 to 2.5m tall, meaning its frame is only 2m high, but it inflates to 2.5m when inflated (or filled to capacity). The question is, do I risk damaging my building when pellets are blown in, or is the force exerted by the air not sufficient to cause any damage - i.e. the 'bag' will just be restricted by the dimensions of the room? If I added an exhaust to the top of the silo bag with a filter smaller than the pellets, could I just exhaust the air that normally fills the bag as the pellets are being blown in, that way the bag would not inflate?

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Hi @tallrob   - that's a perfectly reasonable question to ask here.

Have you seen the EPC Guidance for storage of wood pellets?
The delivery company must work within these laid-down standards.
If your storage system is modified, then they may reasonably refuse to deliver.

Have a look at what the document says first, and then come back here for clarification.

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