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Hi I have an Esme Ironheart which was installed in 2019, there is now a newer version. Mine is 9.7kw output it has dog bone stove top for cooking and an oven. there is an option to have Domestic Hot water but decided against that. I have also fitted a fan to the flue pipe.

I use briquettes for fuel. Each one is 2 - 2.5kg so size wise comparable to a log. 

I use three different kinds

Pinikay oak which i smash up with a hammer and use as kindling

beech nestro which is the main fuel - burn clean hot and long

a bark wood nestro for longer lower temperature burning also clean burning

one pallet lasts about three months and costs around £370-400 I burn all day at the weekends and afternoon and evening during the week (non lockdown times)

This is sufficient to heat my whole house in Spring and Autumn but I need additional heating in the winter.

I love this stove, I have it in my dinning room and we spend loads of time as a family around the dinning table cooking, eating, reading and just being in each others company. I have two arm chairs in the room. It is our main living space. I also have a sitting room and kitchen directly off the dining room ie no hall in-between.

It cost a lot of money £4k for the stove, another £2K for flue liner and cowl, hearth and other bits and bobs. and £2k for the building work required.

In my view it is totally worth it. It is great for heating and cooking. 9 months of the year I don't use the electric oven. It also gives my home the cosy country wow factor. The other bonus is I have the essentials covered in a power cut or zombie apocalypse. I have bought a 10litre kettle for hot water for use in a power outage. 10L is not a lot of water but enough to get by for washing dishes and basic personal hygiene if power goes down.

If anyone has any questions I am happy to answer.

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The briquettes are 5kwh per kg so 1 x briquette will give 12.5 Kwh of heat

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Hi Twirl, we have the iron heart stove too, but find the oven is a little slow to heat up to cooking temperature?

Unlike yours we have the water heating option and use the wood only fire box.

Like you , we chose the Esse over similar other makes because the 'fire' is visible which adds to the appeal especially on rough winter days.

Weve had ours for 12 years now and appart from an annual clean and sweep it not needed any other maintenance.

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Years ago I had one of the original Ironhearts, which was purchased new around 2005.

Now I’m living in a different property I’m looking to buy a wood burning cooker and am wondering what is different about the latest Ironhearts?

Alternatively, can anyone recommend any other wood burning cookers?



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