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RE: Octopus (the grid) is my battery

I don't have a battery yet, but with an ASHP / high consumption and Agile Octopus, there's quite a strong business case with a 5 to 7 year payback dep...

3 months ago
RE: Air source heat pump roll call

FWIW my 16kw Daikin split LT was installed in 2009! It was the Wild West back then… the installer went just before we even moved in…

3 months ago
RE: A Beginner's Guide to ASHP Monitoring

I shall be following this topic with interest - I had no idea it might be possible to see what a system's real world COP is! I'd be happy if I could j...

1 year ago
RE: Rate the quality of your heat pump design and installation

My ASHP was installed in 2008/9. It was the wild west back then, and it's been a bumpy ride, but it now works OK ish, although expensive, I think (mai...

1 year ago
RE: Air source heat pump roll call

Forum Handle: Pressure Manufacturer: Daikin Model:Daikin Altherma 1 Low Temperature Split With Wall Hung Indoor Units Type: ASHP Arrangement...

1 year ago

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