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Random synced temperature spikes in multiple Neostat v2s

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We have a 2yr old new build zoned ASHP installation with UFH to the ground floor and radiators upstairs. There is no MVHR. Control is via multiple Neostat v2s, one for upstairs and one per zone downstairs. I’ve recently added a Heatmiser Hub to get the Neostats online and have been monitoring the measured temps in Home Assistant.

This monitoring has uncovered a strange fault where at random times all the Neostats will simultaneously show a 1-2 degree spike in temperature with a random duration. The spikes can occur at any time and are sufficient to stop the zones heating. 

As far as I can tell the spikes are not correlated with anything else in the property, with any electrical variations of voltage/load or with any external factors such as the weather. A different WiFi connected sensor mounted adjacent to one of the units is not showing any spikes.

Has anyone else seen this before? My working theory is that something via the network is triggering a greater dissipation in the units which is distorting the measured temperature as it seems that these units are prone to internal heating.



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My Neostats controlling the zones downstairs (7 of them) do exactly the same thing, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. We also have a 3 years old new build with ASHP and underfloor heating downstairs and radiators upstairs. 
However, they are not connected to the NeoStat hub. It is just as if the Neostats suddenly act in unison and we have been very puzzled by it. As you say, it is quite random and usually lasts for at most 30 minutes.

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