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Error on Immersun – Error 8 Load Short Circuit

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@julesmp8 After a whole battery of tests? 😉

Toodles, 76 years young and hoping to see 100 and make some ROI on my renewable energy investment!

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Well the unit has been repaired and returned after what must have been literally a few hours back at Immersun.

I asked for a detailed service report and got this:

"Multiple fairchild transistors and 1x T3 Transformer was found to be non-responsive via extensive repeat testing protocol, they appear to have been overloaded at some point in prior operation"

I have yet to replace and recommision it but hope this is the end of the saga for a long long time. 

I will probably change the immersion heating element and stat too as a precaution.




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@julesmp8 fingers crossed.

I have to say our Immersun is quite noisy with loads of weird high pitched sounds and buzzing coming from the various components. By extension our Solar iBoost was completely silent.

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