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The Power of Geothermal – New Heat Pumps From Ecoforest

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In the world of renewable heating, the forthcoming launch of the ecoGEO B/C-10 PRO and B/C-16 PRO heat pumps from Ecoforest in April looks interesting. These systems are designed to deliver heating and cooling solutions with a focus on energy efficiency and versatility.

The ecoGEO series represents a step forward in the efficient use of energy for climate control. Designed to be adaptable, they can be installed indoors or used in geothermal settings, making the most of the earth’s stable temperatures for heating and cooling purposes.

Equipped with high-temperature recovery systems (HTR) and modules for integrated active and free cooling, the ecoGEO heat pumps are capable of adjusting to diverse environmental needs. The integration of free cooling allows the system to utilise lower external temperatures to cool interiors, optimising energy consumption.

Key indicators of the ecoGEO series’ performance are the Coefficient of Performance (COP) and Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). The ecoGEO B/C-10 PRO boasts a COP of 4.3/4.6 and an EER of 4.1/4.7, while the B/C-16 PRO models show a COP of 4.6/5.4 and an EER of 3.7/6.5. These figures suggest high efficiency, potentially offering significant energy savings compared to conventional systems.

The maximum domestic hot water (DHW) temperature achievable without backup is 70C. With backup, these heat pumps can exceed this temperature, providing consistent hot water supply.

Operating within a noise level range of 35-46 decibels, the ecoGEO heat pumps should ensure a tranquil environment. They carry energy labels of A+++ at 180% and A+++ at 188%, emphasising their energy efficiency.

The series is designed with precise operational limits, including brine and refrigerant circuit pressures, to maintain performance and safety. The refrigerant type R290, known for its low Global Warming Potential (GWP), underscores the ecoGEO’s commitment to environmental standards.

For homeowners that are looking for sustainable and cost-effective solutions, the introduction of the ecoGEO B/C-10 PRO and B/C-16 PRO heat pumps marks a significant advancement. On paper, these units come packed with features designed to maximise energy efficiency, enhance safety and uphold environmental sustainability. As these heat pumps become available in April 1, 2024, they stand to offer homeowners a competitive choice for reducing their carbon footprint while ensuring reliable and efficient home heating.

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