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small ASHP system purely for @40 sqm of UHF

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good morning, i am looking to install or have installed, a small ASHP system just to feed a uhf system that covers around 40sqm. i wouldnt use it for heating hot water or extending the system (though it would always make sense to build in some extra capacity). the uhf would only really be used when temp drops very low, as we have a A2A heat pump installed in the area covered by the uhf. (i installed the pipework for the uhf when building the conservatory and it also runs under the kitchen floor), so the uhf would just supplement the A2A unit. i am thinking that it would only be used during the times the temp drops to below 5 degrees, which is when the A2A starts to struggle.

i have been looking at a hybrid heat pump and have even wondered if a swimming pool heat pump might work?

i am thinking that i dont really need a buffer tank at this stage, just a pressure vessel (or do they come within the heat pump) and some form of control. 

as i am very much in the thinking stage i am more than happy to listen to any suggestions that will provide the simplest ASHP/UHF i can have installed, that works 'ok' without over complicating matters. i have dimplex quantum storage heaters throughout the house, PV and home battery. one of the other reasons for considering ASHP is that it will allow me access to better TOU tariffs for recharging the battery bank.


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