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Settings for NIBE F2040 & SMO 20

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I have a NIBE F2040 with an SMO 20 controller.  It was installed last summer, and I changed some settings to our preference, which worked fine.  And I changed them again for winter; also fine.

We also have solar panels (no battery though; we can only use the electricity as it's produced, during the day).

But now I have been trying to change the settings back again for summer, and it won't do what I want.  I have read the manual, but it is just the menu system in paper form, with no extra explanation, or examples.

I know how to navigate the menu system; I just don't know which settings to change to get it to do what I want!  It is so labyrinthine, and there seem to be so many different places you can change settings that affect the same things.

I can't remember exactly what I did to it last summer, but I have tried all kinds of things (and factory reset it before changing things again), and it still won't behave.

I want the hot water on from 08:30-20:30.  The heating not on at all (either heat pump or additional heat).  So I block the compressor overnight.

So there should be no activity at all between 20:30-08:30.  And from 08:30-20:30 only the hot water (including the periodic increase, which we have set to the middle of the day, not the night as it is by default).

In the morning, I can hear it turning on to heat the water.  But it is also heating the radiators, which I don't want it to.  It can't be a disposing of excess heat thing (does it do that anyway?), as the hot water will have cooled down overnight to some extent.

I am not sure if the heating comes on at any other time or not (that may just be because it's warm at the moment though); I feel like it might have been on in the evening recently (which obviously I also do not want), as I've heard pipes creaking like they do when they expand and contract, but I haven't noticed the radiators getting warm at that time, like they do in the morning.

Don't ask me what my current settings are (they're a mess); I will just factory reset it again, when I know exactly what to change this time.



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