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MCS Sound standards

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Hi, does anyone know much about the MCS sound standards. Specifically re the determination of “directivity”?

when looking at which Q value should be used is there a minimum measurement for a reflective surface. For example, say there is a wall which is around hip height would that count as a reflective surface?




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When I was seeking planning permission to erect (domestic) wind-turbines, there was a question about noise which required an answer. The planning guidelines made it clear that they expected the answer to be provided using calculations from the turbine manufacturer. The reference standard in that case is called ETSU-97-R... which is no longer regarded as suitable for a number of reasons which you can explore online.

Regarding ASHPs, the origin of the sound is also a device supplied by an approved manufacturer. It seems to me that your first recourse is to ask if they are able to provide you with the required information. Why can't you simply give them the distances to the nearby solid surfaces and state their composition?

Or does that seem too simplistic?

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