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Ebac 5kW and 9kW monobloc ASHP units launching this week

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Hot on the heels of the RED designed Octopus Cosy 6 unit launched last week, Ebac launch their UK designed and built 5kW and 9kW ASHPs this week. Planned launch according to their website was 'early 2023' so they're somewhat late, but it should be a solid performing unit. Tidy looking unit externally, in dark or light colour option, and with good efficiencies including what they claim to be a new method of defrost more suited to the UK mild and damp winter climate.

A method not using a heat/cool reversing valve that removes heat from the heating circuit to defrost gets the thumbs up in my book. Ebac has a lot of experience with hot gas defrost for their commercial dehumidifiers, so likely to be an efficient refrigeration-based defrost. Hopefully a wider evaporator coil fin pitch to reduce the rate of ice build up and frequency of defrost. Homely compatibility on the unit control is a good touch.

They've not gone down the R290 refrigerant high temperature ASHP route, max LWT 60degC and R32.

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“Our heat pumps are also fitted with hydrophilic coated coils as standard which enable a more efficient defrost cycle as they prevent a large build up of ice.”
Ebac heat pumps also have “intelligent defrost” which was developed for the company’s dehumidifiers. Intelligent defrost predicts when the hydrophilic coils are about to freeze and suspends the refrigeration process to allow the coils to defrost. This produces a much more energy efficient defrost cycle for a higher performance and energy efficient heat pump.



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