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@ivanopinion where are you up to and have you made any further decisions?

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@ivanopinion where are you up to and have you made any further decisions?
I might change my mind again, but I'm currently unlikely to go with Aira, mainly due to their product being brand new, so an unknown quality. And worries about it being so dependent on them maintaining the app and cloud services for the life of the product. Although they are cheaper than Heat Geeks, the cost difference is relatively small, so between the two I favour Heat Geeks.
The other contender is Octopus, who are more than £7k cheaper than Heat Geeks, so are the clear winner if cost is the only determinant. Even assuming Heat Geeks gave me a SCOP significantly higher, I'd never claw back the extra cost in power savings. I'm waiting for Octopus to do a resurvey, one of the purposes of which is to reconsider the heat loss (and thus the size of ASHP). If they agree to a lower power ASHP, they will have fixed one of my main concerns. My other main concern is that they include a buffer in their system, but is it worth £7k extra to get an unbuffered system? If Octopus insist on specifying an overpowered ASHP, I think that will make it easier for me to justify paying the extra.

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