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How do I choose a single room MVHR to prevent losing heat in my bathroom ?

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Mine was a waste of time and money, first installer did it wrong so all had to be ripped out by installer number 2, trading standards would not accept installer number 2 report as they were not independent!! second install, takes heat from shower rooms, but shower rooms never hot, as GSHP not right, so waste of time puts cold air in heated rooms, I have mine disconnected, put it on in the summer for cool air.

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@west  this sounds like you're referring to something much bigger than a single room unit . 

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Posted by: @editor

@heacol this looks pretty awesome. Does/can it replace an existing extractor fan in a bathroom.

Yes it does, a direct swap, same 4" hole.

The mini is fine.


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Update ! 
I have had an Envirovent Heatsava installed. It seemed noisy at first but now we’re used to it. It’s on all the time, uses only 20 W, it ramps up automatically when the shower is on and is quite obvious then, but clears the mist from the window and mirror very quickly. I like the constant fresh air flow and can’t smell the neighbour’s smoky log burner or bonfires as the filter works very well. Nearly all our trickle vents can be closed now as we have real fresh air coming in at last.
The only downside is that it’s quite big.

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As others might come across this topic in future, may I chip in and mention a two-room solution?

I was once faced with the need to draw in fresh air into the living area in a small flat, whilst also removing stale/humid air from the adjacent room with a shower and toilet.

The solution I hit upon was a tiny version of a 4-port MVHR unit, made by Vent Axia, and costing about £300. The HR100 has two varients; one allows access to the heat-exchange plates from the top, and the other from below. I chose the latter, and placed it directly above the doorway between the two rooms.


The HR100 has standard 110mm diameter ports which could be connected to solid-PVC tubing or flexible pipe with a reinforcement spiral wire to maintain the shape.

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