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EV tariffs - too good to be true?

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I find it difficult to understand how the EV tariffs work out for the suppliers.  The price during the discount hours has been almost always above the wholesale price of electricity at those times.  Why do they do it?  Is there any prospect of these tariffs continuing in the long term?

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I personally think they'll soon be suspended.

After the Women's Euros the other night, UK electricity was 67% from gas, 4% from coal.

That's nearly 3/4 from fossil fuels. It can't carry on with gas being so expensive. It's nominally 45%, up to 55%, bit there is little 'green in the mix'.

10pm on Friday night, currently 53% Gas and coal is now constantly running at 3.5%, not just during peaks as has been until recently.

Search UK energy mix.

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In the past Octopus have openly said their Go tariff is a loss leader. 

It won't be a big issue for them at the moment due to the relatively small number of customers. 

More than worth it for press coverage which will be pulling in more non EV customers. 

An investment like the agile tariff and their investment in heat pumps etc. 



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