Using Night Briquettes and Air Source Heat Pumps to Lower Energy Bills

Night Briquettes and ASHPs

The battle against high energy bills has become a familiar struggle in many homes. As winter tightens its icy grip, the question looms: How can we stay warm without breaking the bank? One of the most effective methods I have discovered involves combining the use of our air source heat pump (ASHPs) with night briquettes in our wood-burning stoves. We have two wood-burning stoves that radiate heat throughout our main living areas and bedrooms. In my experience, this combination not only offers a sustainable heating solution but also proves to be economically advantageous.

ASHPs are a popular choice for environmentally conscious homeowners due to their efficiency in converting air into heat. However, their performance can take a hit during extremely cold weather, which is where briquettes come into play. Night briquettes have become our go-to choice for supplementing our home’s heating system. These briquettes are designed to burn slowly, releasing heat steadily throughout the night, ensuring that the house remains warm even when temperatures outside drop significantly.

Why Choose Night Briquettes?

While there are various options available on the market, Night briquettes stand out for several reasons. They are made from natural bark, making them a more sustainable choice as they are essentially made from a waste product. Their slow-burning nature means that we don’t need to reload the stove frequently, which is a convenience on chilly winter nights. In fact, when we put two briquettes in the wood burner before going to bed and we often wake up to some embers still glowing.

Long-Term Savings

The investment in a wood burner (if you don’t have one already) and the cost of the briquettes themselves might seem like an additional expense. However, the long-term savings are evident in reduced electricity bills. Over the course of a harsh winter, these savings can be significant.

Furthermore, wood burners and briquettes prove to be lifesavers during winter and storm-related blackouts. In times when power outages can render heating systems useless, having a wood burner fuelled by reliable briquettes ensures that we can keep our home warm and comfortable. This aspect of self-reliance is particularly crucial in severe winter conditions, where maintaining warmth is not just about comfort, but also about safety. The efficiency and dependability of these briquettes in such scenarios truly underscore their value as an essential part of our home heating strategy.

Furthermore, the lifespan of the ASHP is extended as it’s not overworked during cold spells. This reduction in wear and tear translates into lower maintenance costs and delays the need for a replacement, which is another financial benefit.

Tips for Night Briquette Usage

To maximise the benefits, it’s crucial to use night briquettes efficiently. Here are some tips:

  1. Proper Storage: Keep the briquettes dry to ensure they burn efficiently. Moisture can reduce their effectiveness.
  2. Controlled Burning: Adjust the air supply to your stove to control the burn rate. A slower burn rate ensures the briquettes last longer, maintaining a steady temperature throughout the night.
  3. Regular Maintenance: Keep your stove clean and well-maintained. A clean stove improves the burning efficiency of the briquettes.
  4. Integration with ASHPs: Use briquettes primarily during the coldest parts of the day or night, relying on the ASHP during milder temperatures. This balanced approach optimises energy usage and cost.

The combination of night briquettes and ASHPs is a practical solution for cost-effective home heating. As someone who has personally experienced the benefits, I can vouch for the effectiveness of this method. Lekto’s briquettes, in particular, have added a layer of efficiency and sustainability to our home heating system. By embracing this approach, homeowners can enjoy a warm, comfortable home environment while keeping an eye on both the environment and their wallets.

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