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RE: Who's your electricity provider and what's your tariff?

@editor Wouldn't the meter box fill up with 50p's and need emptying?

3 weeks ago
RE: Electricity price predictions

Another take on our expensive electricity.

4 months ago
RE: Avoid the Heat Pump Villain: Why Low-Loss Headers and Buffers Can Sabotage Your Heat Pump's Efficiency

Are all Low Loss Headers bad? Mine was fitted as per Samsung schematics. This I would imagine would remain part of the warranty agreement. The effect ...

5 months ago
RE: Electricity price predictions

@iancalderbank No attempt to use an antenna, they just keep changing meters every time I complain. I didn't know an antenna was an option.

6 months ago
RE: Electricity price predictions

I am in the unfortunate situation of having a smart meter and no signal. In fact I have had 4 meters installed as this is the only (failed) solution t...

6 months ago
RE: Samsung Gen6 setting I can't fathom..........

I have the same pump as your self and a 4kw solar array. I would strongly advise you to get an Iboost. My iboost heats my water approx 9mths in the ye...

9 months ago
11 months ago
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RE: What's your current daily damage?

Last 24 hr I used 26kwh. That's with temps 3c to 5c.

2 years ago
RE: Must have emergency DIY products

I have found Compression Repair Couplings invaluable to have as part of an emergency repair kit or a pipe repair clamp although this is not permanent.

2 years ago
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