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I've no idea what others think but...................

Instead of the default when replying to a post being to subscribe to the thread and thereby getting an email requesting that you respond in order to confirm subscription to the thread, can that be reversed?  In other words if you wish to subscribe you tick the box.  It seems that every time I post a reply I get this email and I (personally) find that a bit annoying.  I'm quite happy just popping in periodically to check if there are new posts but if I feel the need for a notification I can tick the box myself.

As said I've no idea how others feel but felt the need to make the request.  I shall now un tick the 'Subscribe to this topic' box below. 😉 

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I can change the default setting Morgan - I will have to ask others what they would prefer, but it is, as you've said, quite easy to opt out. I would prefer to leave it defaulted as it is, because if a mew member posts a question, it would be helpful for them to know that there has been a reply.

But I'll see what the others think.

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