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Vaillant AroTherm Plus 10 Air source heat pump

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Well this is exciting!

Thanks to the guys at home farm for the invite. I have been following them avidly on Youtube and gaining lots of useful help and advice. 

This forum has come at a timely welcome for me. I am moving out of my house into my old mothers-in- laws and currently having a single story extension built.

So far I have had 7 solar panels put on the south facing roof and 5 on the south east facing one.

Next week the ASHP pipework is being laid and the unit fitted a few weeks later. 

So you can see  how timely this forum is now!

We are having a

Vaillant AroTherm Plus 10 Air source heat pump and VRC 700 controller fitted.

Also a Solic 200 immersion diverter.

The whole ground floor will be heated by UFH and radiators upstairs together with Electric UFH in the bathroom.

We expect to be moving into the house in May 2021.

Looking forward to the discussions!



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Welcome @nigel42, and it's great to have you here. You're at an exciting junction, and we look forward to receiving your updates on your ASHP and overall system when you move in, in a few month's time. 

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@nigel42 Welcome and would be great to hear all about your ASHP install and what made you decide on the system that you have picked. What size area is your house and why did you decide on electric UFH for bathrooms ? If your able to post in the ASHP section of the forum that would be great so others can see the information. thank you and good luck with the install



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