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Save the Energy Save the World using Daikin Altherma 3 operation mode and schedules settings.

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Hello Everyone.

Our Daikin Altherma 3 was set to Domestic hot water control - mode Reheat mode. Every time there was warm water usage, pump would almost immediately start reheating, sometimes during hours that are using energy from grid. 

As we have solar panels and approx 2pm we have full solar production, I want to use a reheat schedule. Idea is once a day heat up to 50 degrees with my own power and then the tank should not loose more than 6 degrees in 24H. What is your experience, How long does water tank keep water warm?


Operation manual is not really clear best way to set it up.

I set comfort temp. then schedules Mon. 14.00

but do I need to set when the pump should "STOP"??  example 13:50 Stop 14:00 Comfort 14:50 Stop

Or Daikin stops automatically, when it reaches a set temperature? 


2/ I have noticed our interior unit makes noice all the time. Fan sound. 

We do have smart home Qbus, and therefore we have Daikin set to External Thermostats. 

I do not know why it runs all the time. Only thing in menu I have found. 

Pump Operation Mode is set to Continuous. 

but there is another possibility - Request. 

Again manual is not clear. 

3/ what is your settings? Any experience during winter time? How long does it take to reheat water tank?

Thank you in advance.

Wonder if we could manage go completely off grid.

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Hello Mevl, I won't be able to answer all your questions but here's a start.


My experience is that scheduled is typically better than reheat mode (although there are instances where reheat is better depending on your consumption pattern). So you're on the right track!

How long does the water tank keep water warm? > Depending on how well your water tank is insulated. We typically see 1-1.5C temperature loss every 4h.

Do I need to set when the pump should "STOP"? > I don't know this for Daikin. My guess would be that you set a STOP such that the time slot is long enough but not too long (e.g., 1.5 or 2h), and that the heat pump will automatically shut off when the target temp is reached within that time slot.

How long does it take to reheat water tank? > Depends on the size of your tank, the target temperature you request, and the starting temperature. But in general not very long, 45mins to 1.5h


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