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EN14825 - Chinese ASHP manufacturers 'cooking the books'?

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Interesting discussion over on LinkedIn regarding no less than 8 Chinese OEMs supplying R290 ASHPs to Europe, all accused of overstating performance of their units tested to EN14825 and also circumventing ErP and PED rules.

Bear in mind that Chinese OEMs with unfamiliar Company names may manufacture ASHP brand names marketed in the EU and UK, or may receive future contracts to make branded units.

What's the accusation? It has been alleged that TÜV SÜD Certification declared performance to EN14825 is exaggerated. Specifically, in part-load conditions, actual COP & SCOP are significantly less than declared COP & SCOP. The figures don't add up on the certification, what's stated in the detail test result does not equal the bottom line performance kW values for energy consumed vs energy output for the test condition.

Not only that, but also OEM documentation and records related to ErP [Eurergy-related Products] Directive, and European PED [Pressure Equipment Directive] Module A2 are incomplete and/or missing.

A formal compliant to Keymark implicates TÜV SÜD Certification and Testing (China) Co., Ltd. Guangzhou as the 3rd party Test Laboratory issuing suspect EN14825 test report data. It's a serious accusation with the same 'error' evident on multiple OEM test reports. Once might be considered a mistake, but when it happens consistently....

Could this be another mis-selling scandal beginning to unfold? Many in the industry have suspected that ASHP OEMs exaggerate their performance figures. No wonder few real-world installations come close to the manufacturers stated efficiencies if this is going on and the test laboratories are complicit in it.

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